It’s A Busy Week For Estero Blvd. Lighting


Following the 2nd stakeholder’s committee meeting last week, Town Lighting, the consultant company the town council is paying to put together a lighting plan for Estero Boulevard, will be making the rounds this week.

This morning at 9AM the consultant will be presenting its research to the Public Safety Committee and on Wednesday at 3PM to the Marine Resources Task Force committee. We will carry both meetings live on our Facebook page.

The consultant group has said it has not decided on which lights will be in the final presentation to the town council. Under the contract, which could run as high at $185,000, the consulting firm must deliver a plan to the council by the end of September.

The goal for the firm is to come up with recommendations for the town council to consider focused on: residents feeling safe on the Boulevard, preventing accidents between vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists and protecting turtles.

In addition to the data collected from studying Estero Boulevard, Town Lighting has requested information from 10 lighting vendors while they consider options to present to the town.