Window Tint Tops Monday’s Agenda


After over a month without meeting, the Fort Myers Beach Town Council returns to work Monday at 9AM. The first item on their agenda will be the final public hearing to roll back the requirement that window replacements and new installations be required to have light transmittance values of 15% or less.

Condo owners were outraged that the town council forced the darker windows on them. They argued that the windows were more costly, harder to find and turn their condos into a dark dungeon during the day. Several condo associations were in the middle of installing new windows and had to halt their projects.

Monday is the second and final public hearing to roll the windows back to the 45% number which is what the state requirement is. The town council previously voted to drop the requirement to 15% as another way to help prevent turtle hatchling disorientations.

We will carry the town council meeting live on our Facebook page.

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