Window Tint Tops Monday’s Agenda


After over a month without meeting, the Fort Myers Beach Town Council returns to work Monday at 9AM. The first item on their agenda will be the final public hearing to roll back the requirement that window replacements and new installations be required to have light transmittance values of 15% or less.

Condo owners were outraged that the town council forced the darker windows on them. They argued that the windows were more costly, harder to find and turn their condos into a dark dungeon during the day. Several condo associations were in the middle of installing new windows and had to halt their projects.

Monday is the second and final public hearing to roll the windows back to the 45% number which is what the state requirement is. The town council previously voted to drop the requirement to 15% as another way to help prevent turtle hatchling disorientations.

We will carry the town council meeting live on our Facebook page.


  1. Jill,

    You hit the mail on the head. There are a residents that think there should be zero short term rental. That would include three of your council members. Two of which are out this year or should be. Remember to vote. Go to council meetings. Let your voice be heard.

    • 100% how they forget that the short term renters help keep the economy stimulated = more tax money to support the town.

  2. So I have a condo on beach and I rent. I had a guest leave a lamp on and I was fined $250 even though I have placards, signs in my unit and decals on my windows warning about lighting. I have legal no way to pass along the fine to a guest/renter for not following the ordinance. My next fine could be $500 for violation. The law says the windows must be tinted, but also indicates the lights must be off and window coverings used. I got my windows tinted but still maybe be fined even though I take all precautions .How fair is that? – I’m not even there, do everything to educate and I still maybe fined! This council doesn’t want short term rentals.

  3. Carol why you ask?? CONTROL and control only. Believe me I love wild life and love seeing these turtles. But when it come to human safety verses saving 1-2 turtles because of a lighting issue. It’s insane to most normal people here that it is even a topic! “Two words!! “Change needed”
    Also I have to say and as a business owner for 27 years and the size of if; if not more than the entire size of Time square FMB we owned in Maryland we aren’t used to working with a town not willing work or listen or take suggestions from businesses! It’s one way or no way here from 3 FMB town members!! definitely change is needed and has been needed for a very long time on this island is what we hear from most. Not tooting my own horn or anything but have been very successful the past 27 years and blessed!
    To the NEW mayor & council members coming on in NOV Be more open minded & listen, don’t be one sided!
    Again where I came from the entire Town Council, mayor & police Department worked together as one and listened to the businesses who pay the tax dollars It’s how THEY get PAID. Team community building!

  4. Why is the council going more then the state requirement? We purchased our homes on FMB for the beauty and the view! From May to October we are locked inside darkness now making it 12 months is crazy. Why did we purchase here?

  5. You have two council members whose days are numbered. They are going to impose everything they can upon you. Guess why? They don’t live beachfront. This doesn’t affect them. They could care less what you tax paying voters think. It’s their way or nothing. Makes for very dangerous situation if there is a fire and you need all the light you can get to see to escape. But don’t worry that little turtle will live. Literally putting a turtles life ahead of yours.

  6. Enough already!! I find it ludicrous that the town council would even consider making people live in a darker home by passings requirement to have 15% or less light transmittance. Hopefully, more sane minds will prevail at the next meeting.


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