You May Be Eligible For Property Tax Relief


Senate Bill 4A, signed by Governor DeSantis last week, will provide some much needed relief to those affected by Hurricane Ian. The new law is aimed at helping residents whose home or property was uninhabitable for at least 30 days due to the storm.

According to the Florida Dept of Revenue, residents can apply for the refund beginning January 1st but no later than April 3rd. This is completed through the local property appraiser’s office which will notify applicants if, and how much, they qualify for by June 1st. The refunds will be figured based on the value of your home and the portion of the year it was determined unlivable.

The relief is regardless of whether property taxes have been paid at the time of your application. If an owner is determined eligible a refund will be processed “upon timely payment of 2022 property taxes or immediately, if the taxes have already been paid”

Owners can find additional information HERE.
You can read the entire 20-page bill HERE.

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