Beach Bus Service Returning November 13


LeeTran will reintroduce its fixed-route bus services on Sunday, November 13th. Here’s what beach residents can expect for bus service.

LeeTran will run a variation of its route 410/490 schedules to and from Fort Myers Beach. This modified route will run from the Beach Park and Ride to Bowditch and will travel to the Southernmost point on Estero Blvd to Bay Beach Lane. Due to some damage at the Park and Ride station, buses may not be picking up/dropping off at their normal locations.

LeeTran has been operating a modified service since Hurricane Ian made landfall on Sept. 28, allowing LeeTran vehicles to be used for emergency transportation on barrier islands and service to emergency shelters, Disaster Recovery Centers and field hospitals.

LeeTran temporarily halted bus fare collection prior to Hurricane Ian, but fare collection also will resume Sunday, Nov. 13.

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