Beach Preacher Files Lawsuit Against Town


Many Fort Myers Beach residents have complained about Adam Lacroix. He travels the beach pushing his religious beliefs on everyone, at times using a bullhorn. Lacroix has been accused by the locals of calling people names because of how he perceives their lifestyle while paying no attention to the fact that little kids are walking by as he’s hurling his message.

Lacroix does not need a permit for what he does. His preaching on a public beach is protected by the First Amendment. He has every right to say what he wants to say, to whoever he wants to say it to, wherever he wants to say it. And he should. Free speech is free speech. In fact he won a lawsuit against Lee County after he was arrested, in 2013, charged with tresspassing and disturbing the peace, when a Sheriff’s Deputy asked him to leave the beach and he refused. 

When he picks up the bullhorn the only recourse the town has, when someone files a complaint, is to measure his sound level to see if he’s violating the noise ordinance.

Another weapon the town has in its arsenal is a sign ordinance. And that’s what this lawsuit is all about. All 180 pages of it, filed on January 12th. After being warned about carrying a sign in October, Lacroix was issued a ticket for violating the town’s sign ordinance in December.

The lawsuit says Lacroix has not harassed, encouraged violence, or expressed himself in any way other than in a peaceful manner. The suit also says Lacroix would like to continue to spread his message by holding portable signs.

Lacroix alleges the town is violating his constitutional rights to express his religious beliefs by carrying a portable sign. And his lawsuit says when he was issued the code violation by the town he was “embarrassed.”

Apparently after a call to town hall by Lacroix, he convinced the town to drop the sign violation charge.

However, he’s now unsure if he’ll be ticketed again if he carries a portable sign, which he believes he has every right to do. He says that worry “has caused, and will continue to cause him to suffer extreme hardship, both actual and impending, irreparable injury and damage.”

Lacroix is asking for a jury trial and asked for restraining order against the town. That restraining order was denied by District Court Judge Sheri Chappel in Fort Myers. 

Read the lawsuit HERE


  1. Drop chips, popcorn,ect around him and let the birds eat it. Hopefully when they are feasting on what people have dropped they will shit on him
    It’s perfect he is for the birds

  2. Ok, so the town has almost no recourse against this guy… what can the people that live here, work here, and vacation here do? I work on the pier and I can hear his words up and down the beach. I see people getting up and moving to avoid him, others complain to the wait staff where they’re trying to have a nice meal. He’s hugely disruptive to the people and businesses on the beach. What can we as individuals who are tired of his bullying do? Bullhorn along behind him playing the Macarena perhaps!

  3. Have you ever walk by this guy as a calling a young lady a whore and telling her she going to hell because of swim suit. as he goes on and on about it. He does more of the devil work than God works.

  4. I saw this jackhole last Saturday. Took out my phone decibel meter and from 20 feet away measured him at 95db. I complained to the LSCO at Lani Kai that he was breaking the town sound ordinance, and will they were very professional, nice and empathetic, the stated there was nothing they could do, as it was a town matter. In that instance, a BASE employee drove past him. I stopped and asked him why he wasn’t giving him a ticket, as I know he has a db meter on him. He stated that he was told by the town to leave him alone. Why the BASE employee was also very professional and nice, I re-iterated to him that they routinely walked in Times Square to harass, warn and cite the businesses there for the sound ordinances, while people are HAPPILY enjoying the music there, but they won’t write this doucebag a ticket? What the hell is wrong with this picture?? An hour later I was standing next to the LCSO outreach center while he was in Times Square and could hear him plain as day… you know what I couldn’t hear?? Any of the music from Time Square businesses. Our town’s priorities are out of whack.

  5. I ran into this guy a couple of years ago, while vacationing with my family, before I became a permanent resident. I was walking the beach with my daughters, both of whom were wearing bikinis. He must have noticed the Christian symbols on my chest as he called out to me and asked if I was born again. When I responded that my daughters and I were not born again but had done it right the first time, he called me a hypocrite. In response I told him that I was not a hypocrite, just Catholic and that I loved everyone, especially sinners.
    He has every right to say what he wants but it is that narrow view of religion and religious beliefs that is the root cause of many of the problems we have in society today. Just my 2 cents

  6. This guy. Patience and teaching. Gentleness and respect. I’m going to have to run into this guy. Might need to brush up a bit but I know my Bible and he’s doing it wrong! I will remind him of that beam in his eye before he can point out the speck in mine. Who is he to assume he knows where people are in their path. Again… this guy. Smh!!!

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