Did You See 130 Jefferson Fly Through The Air?


On Thursday morning, Affinity Building Systems and Idyll Construction invited us to watch their crew expertly set 4 pieces of a new home on top of a foundation that will become the new residence at 130 Jefferson street.

You can watch the video of the first floor of the home being set into place HERE.

Mark Raudenbush from Idyll Construction joined us at certain points of the video to explain what was happening and answer questions.

When the home is complete it will be used as a model for anyone else interested in this type of rebuild to see.


  1. With the current long waiting list for custom homes, modular will be the way to get a home without waiting for years. It’s a great option, but still pricey. A home beginning to end, like this one, will still run you 600,000 +

    • Double wides are mobile homes. Different classification. Mobile homes have a pink slip like a vehicle. A modular home is a house deed. No wheels.

  2. Our these homes then hurricane proof with all the new enforced codes to withstand the strength of hurricane winds . Thanks

  3. Amazing to see. I was there watching and discussing with Residents. CUSTOM MODULAR buildings are going to make a Big IMPACT on FMB. We will start seeing LUXURY CUSTOM Modular homes coming to market soon. In the Florida Keys, Luxury Custom Modular is taking over the Elevated home marketplace.
    Alex King


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