Monday Town Council Meeting Will Be at Bay Oaks


If you plan on attending the Fort Myers Beach Town Council meeting Monday at 9AM, do not show up at DiamondHead Resort. The meeting will be held at the recently reopened Bay Oaks building.

The town hopes to have all meeting, starting January 22nd, at their new Town Hall trailer complex which is also on the Bay Oaks campus.

Since Hurricane Ian, the town government had been put up in temporary trailers provided by the state, then in rented trailers on property owned by the Fort Myers Beach Fire District.

Eventually all town government departments will be in the trailers at Bay Oaks and off the Fire District property. The Town Council has not made a decision on where the future, permanent Town Hall will be built. One option being considered is a multi-function building at Bay Oaks that includes a new recreational facility. Another option is rebuilding on the old Town Hall property on Estero Boulevard. A third option is an undisclosed location that the town is looking into. That location has not been revealed to the public yet.

Town Manager Andy Hyatt’s vision is to eventually build one big building on the Bay Oaks property that includes Town Hall and a Bay Oaks recreational building. The trailers will be home to the government operations for the next 3-4 years while the longer term plans are finalized.

The old Town Hall on Estero Boulevard was completely destroyed by Hurricane Ian. It took over 10 months for FEMA to give its final approval to demolish the building which was done two weeks ago.


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