Estero Lighting Meeting To Be Held in The Dark


Wednesday’s Estero Boulevard Lighting stakeholders meeting will not be open to the public. Last week when a member of the Fort Myers Beach Public Safety Committee inquired about the meeting, Public Works Director Chelsea O’Riley said, “It’s not open to the public, unless (Town Manager) Roger Hernstadt chooses otherwise.”

The stakeholders group is made up of representatives from Turtle Time, the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce, a hotel or rental property owner, staff from the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department and the Lee County Sheriff’s department and members of the community. See the full list of committee members below.

The group will be meeting with the new lighting consultant that the town has hired to put together a study about which lights will work best on Estero Boulevard and how much that would cost. The biggest hurdle has been finding the proper lights, at a reasonable cost, that do not have a negative impact on the turtles. Turtle season on Fort Myers Beach runs from May to October. Light disorients the turtles which could send them in the wrong direction, rather than out to the water.

Here’s a look at the entire stakeholders committee:
Sarah Barrett – FWC
Jennifer Campbell – Fire Dept.
Mike Childs
Chadd Chustz – Town of Ft. Myers Beach
Daniel Craig – Cardno, Branch Manager
Brian DeBoy – FDOT/FWC Permit Contact
Leah Gregg – Member of the Public
Joe Hancock – Town Lighting Engineers
Eve Haverfield – Turtle Time
Abby Henderson – Lee County
Jim Hockett – Member of the Public
Brian Jakacki – Sheriff’s Office, Lee County
Cindy Johnson – Turtle Time
Steve Johnson – Marine Resources Committee
Rick Kauffman – Town Lighting Engineers
Katy Kauffman – Town Lighting Engineers
Ryan Kirsch
Ed Kramer – Town Lighting Engineers
Suzanne Lansford – Town Lighting Engineers
Jacki Lisak FMB – Chamber of Commerce
Tonya Long – FWC
Matt Love – Fire Dept.
Chelsea O’Riley – Town of Ft. Myers Beach
Tony Pellegrini – Town Lighting Engineers
Victoria Peters – FDOT
Rob Phelan – Lee County DOT
Tom Sawtell
Jessica Sulzer
Robbin Trendell – FWC


  1. With all the names on the Stakeholders Committee you would think someone could get the lighting problem solved and under way instead of just kidding the can down the road again

  2. The idea that people who live on Fort Myers Beach are not stakeholders is ludicrous.

    As a full-time resident, I should be allowed at meetings that involve public safety on the island.

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