Lani Kai Killer Person of Interest in Custody


On Beach Talk Radio Saturday, August 1st, Lee County Commissioner Ray Sandelli said the Lee County Sheriff’s Department has a “person of interest” in custody related to the Lain Kai murder which took place on July 15.

When asked for an update on the show, Sandelli said, “The only thing I know is that there is an individual in custody. It’s a person of interest, that’s all I can say. I don’t know who that person is. I think the only guidance I have is it was something that was isolated and targeted. That instance could’ve happened anywhere. It just happened to happen down here unfortunately which is of concern.

Once Sandelli broke the news about a person of interest being in custody, the LCSO called us to clarify. They wanted everyone to know the person in custody has not been charged with murder. There had been speculation that the person in custody was arrested on a probation violation. LCSO did not confirm that speculation. In fact, LCSO has not released any details to the community since Sheriff Carmine Marceno held his short press conference outside the Lani Kai the morning of the murder.

Sandelli was asked of beach residents should feel comfortable that there is not a killer on the loose. “As far as I know. I think with a great deal of confidence there is nothing to worry about right now.”

Here’s the full video clip from Sandelli from Beach Talk Radio Saturday, August 1st.