Mayor Murphy Announces Deal To End TPI Lawsuit


On Wednesday afternoon, less than 24 hours before the town council was to meet in executive session to discuss how to defend the town from the latest Chris Patton lawsuit, a deal to end the matter was announced.

Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy had several meetings with the Conidiaris family, who had been feeling the heat from the entire community as of late, following a murder that took place on their property last month. It was decided during those meetings that it was time to move on.

Conidiaris’ attorney has delivered a dismissal notice to town attorney John Herin.

Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy

It’s important to note that no compensation was paid out to anyone. The town and TPI did not make any compromises.

The town council was planning a 9AM executive session for Thursday to discuss how to vigorously defend the town in this latest lawsuit.

It was Patton’s 3rd attempt to delay the project. This latest lawsuit was filed one day after the last one was dismissed by Florida’s 2nd District Court of Appeals. While Fort Myers Beach resident Chris Patton’s name has been on the lawsuits, it’s widely believed that Lani Kai owner Bob Conidiaris has been financing the fight.

Following several meetings with the Conidiaris family, which had been financing Patton’s attempt to continuously delay the Margaritaville project, it was decided by everyone involved that it was time to move on.

The town council unanimously approved the TPI project back in May of 2018. It also has wide community support.

TPI’s Tom Torgerson tells Beach Talk Radio that his focus will now shift to when the construction of the resort will begin.

In a prepared statement the Mayor said, “I’d like to personally thank all the parties involved in the resolution of this matter and, on behalf of the Town of Fort Myers Beach, in the spirit of cooperation, declare the dawn of a new day here on Fort Myers Beach.”

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