Quiet Title Lawsuit Has Not Been Filed


We reached out to Eddie Rood, who’s on a mission to build a dune walkover/boardwalk to the beach behind his Estero Boulevard home, despite being denied a special exception from the town. He confirmed he has not yet filed a Quiet Title lawsuit. He says the suit will prove that he can take ownership of the Critical Wildlife Area behind his home, and he plans to do so if the town continues to deny his special exception. Rood says the lawsuit will be filed either Friday or Monday.


  1. I want to clear this up a little. The above article sounds as though I am suing to take ownership of the CWA out of revenge to the Town for denying our right to regain beach access. This is very far from actuality. I have worked very hard and spent a lot of money to keep the ownership issue from coming up in the past in an attempt to protect the CWA. The Town of FMB filed a lawsuit against us and the State to force a judge to determine the ownership. The State and I both spent money to discredit the lawsuit and it was dismissed by the judge. We don’t need the land and have no desire to disrupt the CWA, but we will do whatever is necessary to in order to regain our beach access for us and our neighborhood. Its up to the Town to decide how far this goes. Please ask yourself, is denying a simple walkover that helps a neighborhood worth losing the upland property which includes CWA?

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